AFD Slash LP Tone

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by PRSaddict, Aug 2, 2019.

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    Someone asked me once "who is your favorite guitarist?", I responded "Jimmy Page of course" ya, I'm old!

    Anyway, he responded with " why isn't it you? " good food for thought. Aspirations and Idols are great for inspiration but develop your own tone, your own style and just be you why still remaining humble enough to see that there is so much to learn! :)

    Old Guy...............
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    The Silver Jubilee is a cool amp. The mini is cool as well. Just saying, I think the Vintage Modern gets closer to the AFD tone. Slash liked the VM as well & adopted them as his amp for a little while.

    Then they came out with the AFD amp & that was that.
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    Great advice. Always thought of being a 14 year old chasing tone foo fighters of my own. I wanted to sound like Kerry Livgren and Tom Schulz but thought it was about the guitar. That was because guitar companies had real marketing departments, not amp companies. No one came up to me and said, “to chase those heros’ tone, you need a Marshall”. No one. There wasn’t TAB music, either. You woodshedded your butt off. But I had an idea of where I wanted to go.

    Set a direction but be true to yourself. Wise words indeed, 88prs.

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