Adjustable Bridges - PRS vs Mann vs others

The MannMade USA bridge should be compatible with PRS studs. Also visa versa... my studs should work with a PRS bridge. My bridge comes with the studs includes, so you could conceivably mix and match to your heart's content. Both PRS and MM-USA studs are machined from Brass, so I don't think one would hear a tonal difference. I would suspect that mine (MM-USA) are a tighter fit..

We do sell stud wells separately, but I wouldn't change them as a general rule....


Thx for your reassurance. Yet, just to be on the safe side, I purchased some MM USA nickel plated brass studs to accompany my MM USA 2300 bridge. The person who sold me his spare MM 2300 bridge only had metric brass studs with the bridge, and it wasn't clear at the time whether my PRS USA studs would fit the MM 2300 bridge well.

Anyway, after several sets of strings, a couple truss rod tweaks, and 3 intonations later (neck settling/humidity, fret buzz, allen wrench/saddle travel) my 2015 McCarty (visible in avatar) now displays a N(U)MMB. Adjustable, of course.
here is something new that is in the works...
available soon...
For what it’s worth I tried tone pros locking studs on a ZM. It does not screw as deep as the stock or John Mann. Sets the action higher than I liked. Took them out. Went with John Mann studs.
I’m waiting on my Mannmade I recently ordered after replacing a tonepros for the same reason.
We do sell stud wells separately, but I wouldn't change them as a general rule....
Call me crazy… but I felt my Zach myers with the 2300 sounded good but felt slightly less resonant than my McCarty core. Naturally I thought one guitar retails for $3k more so it’s expected…But I opted to change the myers SE studs on it to the MannMade USA one. I followed your YouTube videos and they came out with ease! And it was exactly what i expected. The new studs did the trick. It sounds glorious acoustically and rings like no tomorrow. I’m thrilled. I suspect the SE are an alloy. Not quite up to core/MannMade standard if you ask me!!!
I have a stock 2008 PRS SC250 with adjustable wraparound bridge. Only issue is it is difficult to get action as low as I like which is 3/64", at least lower than 2/32" - my standard wraparound on my 2001 SC has no issues going even lower.
Not sure if this is due to the bridge or the guitar design or both.
But I have never had a bridge that wobbles, ever.
It’s the bridge. The adjustable bridge is “thicker” or “taller“ top to bottom compared to the standard stoptail.
Oh that makes sense. Thanks. I see that.
Sort of sucks because I like a low action.

Maybe for that reason I stick to solid wrap around or two piece bridges.