About To Install New Nut - Which Glue?


Cream Crackered
Apr 30, 2012
Warrington, Nr Liverpool UK
I've actually just installed a Tusq nut in a no name beater as a test. It's gone smoothly so i'm pretty cofident about installing the Tusq nut in my SE C24 2012. I used a tiny amount of wood glue on the beater but...

Am I using the correct glue? The forums of the interweb seem unable to agree. Wood glue is bad, wood glue is good, superglue is bad, etc... Some say superglue is best because it dries brittle and will make nut removal easier when it needs replacing. Others say it'll make it harder.

The obvious thing I picked up on is to only use a small amount.... Enough to hold it in place.

So... What should I use? Stick with the wood glue or a couple of drops of superglue or another type of glue? Anyone know what PRS uses?