About to buy a used custom 24

I'd like to see the rest of the guitar, but 2K on a guitar with that kind of damage...I would hesitant myself. Especially since the used prices seem (at least here) stabilised and dropping due relatively high number of guitars offered
Get more pictures. We’re starting to see the downside of the used guitar market, with all the people who got guitars during Covid, intending to learn how to play. Now they’re selling them after realizing it takes a lot of time to play the damn thing decently. I’ve seen some unbelievable prices recently. That’s why I got an SE 245 in great condition with professionally installed 59/09’s, coil taps and a Gotoh bridge for 305. The mods alone are worth more than that. If the guitar absolutely speaks to you, then take the plunge.
Picked it up today, and it’s a beautiful guitar and a steal at 2k! The finish simply flaked off, although the picture made it look like a gouge into the neck wood, a clear coat remains and the spot is smooth. I dropped it off at my luthier, and he is going to do a small finish repair to prevent further flaking. I’ll post pics when I get it back, but I am enormously pleased with this purchase!