A True, 100% Classic: The Custom 24


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Feb 8, 2015
I have to say when I quit expecting my CU24 to sound like a Les Paul it all came together for me, the thickness is there great sustain and nice treble cut its a great guitar. I have 2 Tremontis and a CU24 and have to say I love them all but lately I can't wait to get home and plug in the custom. They are amazing guitars for sure.


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Aug 29, 2017
I ask myself why o why I sold so many great PRSes.

I recently saw a killer DGT WL at my favorite shop, and all I could think at first was, "Gee, what can I sell so I can get this thing immediately, if not sooner?"

Fortunately, I managed to control myself, because I was reading a book on Stoic philosophy, and had just finished the part where they talk about how we tend to not appreciate what we have, even if it's new, and want the next shiny object right away.

I thought about that for a few minutes and then went and played my guitars. Enjoyed them so much I forgot about buying yet another two-humbucker solid body PRS.

But my goodness, I came damn close to another serious regret!
But…DGT WL? I just got all tingly just saying it.

I did however play the first PRS I ever laid eyes on last weekend. Hooked up with a friend that still has the Custom 24 that made me fall in love before I could even strum a chord. Played it, and it was sublime. Not sure about the neck carve on his core (around a 2012 model) but it was perfect.


Question? Did it come with a drool bucket? Cause’ it shoulda’!

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Feb 12, 2021
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I don't have dozens of guitars to compare to my CU24's, but I do have two CU24's that are significantly different along with my HBII. Here is my take.

First PRS was McCarty 594 HBII and it is to this day my favorite guitar to play because of the low weight, but the one thing I wish it had was 24 frets. Not because I need those extra two frets, but because those two frets push the 12th fret further away from my body, which allows me to access the 12th (and up) more comfortably! I also like the easy math of being able to count down from the 24th fret when necessary!!

As for the shape of the neck, I have a slight preference for the Pattern Thin, but all 3 I have are fine for me. Then again, the only 3 PRS I have ever played are the 3 I own! The neck shapes I have are Pattern Thin (PS CU24), Pattern Vintage (594 HBII) and Pattern Regular (Core CU24).

One of my CU24's is a core, the other is a PS ;~)) They were both "born" on Jan 28, 2021 (core according to hang tag date, PS via back of headstock). The major differences are:

58/15 LT TCI
Fat back body (Singlecut thickness)
Hormigo fret board
2 piece stop tail
Flame maple 10 top
African Ribbon Mahogany body
Fiddleback Mahogany neck - Pattern Thin

Ebony fret board
PRS Gen III Trem
Quilted maple 10 top
Mahogany body
Mahogany neck - Pattern Regular

What all this translates to for me, and in referring to the original concept of what we think of CU24's, is:

PS 8762 CU24
Fatter tone. Part is due to the pups, part is due to the body thickness, part is due to the 2 piece stoptail. Other factors in play as well, but I think those are the majors. The fretboard feels PS better than the Core board. Don't get me wrong, the fret board on the Core is awesome, and I like it better than my HBII board, but that Hormigo wood and the PS frets adds up to a slip and slide like ease of motion. I pretty much stay with the 5 way blade in the center, but that is a whole nutha' story!

Core CU24 (2021)
Snappier tone! I don't use trem at this point (have a little in the past on my strat), but I believe like others have said, that the PRS trem gives a CU24 a snappier sound than a stoptail does. I don't have any problems with it staying in tune either, so no need to block it or anything IMO, especially considering I live having that snap touch feel and tone at my disposal. The thinner body in part creates a weight savings of about 5 ounces so I like that it is a bit lighter. I also find the rest area for my right arm to be more comfortable on the standard thickness body. The Fatback is not bad, but I like the Core a bit better in comfort sense.

I wish all of my git fiddles had satin necks (or BRW ;~))! I know, I can make mine satin real easy!! Hard part is finding the balls to alter these treasures!!!

Most of what I am playing right now is covered better by my HBII. That fiddle is also about 2lbs lighter than either CU24, and that lets me play pretty much as long as I want without getting any neck or shoulder discomfort. With the 7.x lb CU24's, I start feeling it after 2-3 hours, not so with the 5.6 lb HBII. I can play that one all day! It also has tones that are more along the lines of what I need for my current focus. But I do love the CU24's and I hope to be crossing a bridge soon into some music where they will stand tall and get more casting calls! Definitely looking forward to kicking them into high gear hopefully by the end of this year!!

I never even touched a CU24 before 2021 (simply lusted for those beautiful guitars I had seen for decades) but I am now a huge fan of that guitar! It is a quintessential rock and roll machine!! I will own more!!!

Beautiful example Les, thanks for sharing!!!


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Apr 26, 2012
I have to say when I quit expecting my CU24 to sound like a Les Paul it all came together for me, the thickness is there great sustain and nice treble cut its a great guitar. I have 2 Tremontis and a CU24 and have to say I love them all but lately I can't wait to get home and plug in the custom. They are amazing guitars for sure.
They're different from LPs, no doubt. But they have their own beautiful thing happening, and (just my experience) I think the CU24 is a better match with more types of amps.


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May 23, 2013
I played a 24 fret CE (1998) for many years as my main guitar, and I did love it, then decided to try a LP when I found one that had great tone and feel and a beautiful top. But I never did bond with the LP, so when I had a chance to trade it straight across for a 1992 CU24 10 top I jumped at the opportunity ... best decision I ever made. That CU is my number 1 and it is perfect in everyway. It has been to every gig and session since and I can't find a flaw with it.

Yours is beautiful by the way! Love that top.


Jul 27, 2012
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I bought my first PRS in 1998. Custom 24 10 Top. Yes... it was green. LoL!

Me too! Except mine was not a 10 top and it had moooooooons! Man I miss moons.

Anyway, that CU24 with the HFS/VB pickups was a rock n roll beast! I eventually sold it because I got much more into 22 fret guitars and lower output pickups and the Wide/Thin neck never did agree with my hand.

If I were more of a hard rock specialist I'd totally get one again, albeit with a Regular neck.


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Apr 26, 2012
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I have a pretty nice CU24, but I don’t expect to keep it.
I rarely need the 2 extra frets (one Beethoven piece I like need them), and my bootleg Westie is more convenient to grab, so that’s what gets played.
I do agree that the CU24 was at the heart of what made PRS important.


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Apr 26, 2012
san diego
Les, we're so much alike. My first PRS was a CU24 in 1993 and I still have it. Since then I've amassed more than I have room for and kept just about all. That's because they each have something special that I just don't want to part with. Gotta love what Paul has come up with!!!


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Jun 6, 2014
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I had a CU 24 back in 2005. It looked great & played great, but I never fell in love with the tones (especially neck PU tones) , so I sold it after 5 years. My guess is that if I tried one now, I probably would like it, given the current pick ups. But don't worry, I have quite a few PRS guitars in inventory at the moment and I am not planning on selling any of them.


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Apr 27, 2012
The 85/15 pickups have the ability to push an amp into beautiful overdrive, yet they're not too piercing
I'm interested in your decision to go with the 85/15 pickups. I know it's an age old question, but I've been considering swapping out the VB/HFS on my Navarro for some time, considered 59/09s at one point but never pulled the trigger.