a question for Se 245 owners


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Oct 14, 2012
Decorah, Iowa
Can you tell me if your neck is fairly parallel to the floor or table if you will by laying the guitar on its back. the headstock will not touch the floor. my boys has no back angle to the neck as per most singlecut guitars thus it iwll not fit in LP style cases. neck sticks up in the air when seting in he case . I am trying to figure if this is the way PRS designed these or is this a manufacturing flaw. it will not fit in my PRS p22 case either because of this anomolie. body shape will work but neck angle to body will not .

no one has a se245 to check this out. Just want to make sure these are made this way or did I have a major factory defect.
Mine is the same, I fit it in a less Paul case by lifting the bottom of the guitar up with a rolled up bar cloth. Fits nice and snug then.