A brief, inchoherent rant-- Spammed PRS fake for the lulz


Dec 3, 2012
So, I stumbled upon this spammed post for a PRS fake awhile back on the facebook page.


Apart from the fact that it looks so ridiculously gaudy, and that I question whether the maker was even trying to make it look legitimate, this quote below made me laugh (and facepalm)

Ak Mojarrad: That's not a counterfeit, that is a legitimate product made under licence. I'm not saying Chinese gear is good, quite the contrary, I'm a Chinese gear hater myself, but it's not their fault that American and British companies move production to their country due to cheap labor and components.

First off, *license. :)
Secondly, I don't mind look-alikes in general (heck, I'd take an LP build from RAN in Poland over a Gibson in a heartbeat!), but I do mind when you try to brand them as guitars from the actual company, or even licensed models, when they're not, much less trying to sell or promote them. Plus, it's not the first time this particular site has been called out on counterfeit guitars.

Sorry for incoherently venting with reckless abandon near 4 in the morning. I just find that this stuff can be bollocks, at times. I suppose I should sleep now...

On a lighter note, while this is not a PRS, apparently this is a bass. And a Marcus Miller sig while we're at it! Seems legit. :p