99 CU22 PUPS


Sep 17, 2012
Bethlehem PA
All -

I have a '99 CU22 with Dragon II PUPS. Been think about replacing with 53/10's. Haven't had a chance to hear them live just some YouTube vids. I play mostly classic rock to some metal. I will be replacing the 5-way rotary with 3-way toggle and a push/pull. Play through Bad Cat amps..... Looking for some recommendations.

IMHO, that's a pretty good swap. I know lots of guys like D2s, but I found 'em kinda muddy and "bleh".
I have 53/10s on my SC58, and while I love the pickups, I'd make a different choice for metal.

Go with something hotter. You'll be happier.
I would think the D2s would be pretty good for metal. they've got that compressed snarl to them, bright and strong in the mids. I'm a hardish rock player and really liked them in my CU22... until I tried DGT pickups. There's no going back now.

What LSchefman said is probably true in that the 53/10s are fairly vintage sounding. They put 59/09s in the CU24s for a reason - they're great all around and that's the flagship rock guitar. I would check those out.