85/15 vs 57/08 vs 59/09

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by guitarman001, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Earlier, I saw someone draw a comparison between the 59/09 and the DGT bridge pups. In my rig and my application, I find the two extremely different. The 59/09 is more raw with a modern-ish voicing and the DGT is not. The DGT leans heavily toward the vintage side but has a surprising amount of power/output for a vintage pup. It responds better to the volume control than most other pups.
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    Wow, great thread, just read all the way through and watched a bunch of the videos.

    I have been along for the ride since 2008 starting with the 5708's, had a ton of guitars with of those, a ton with 5909's, some 5310's, a Guitar of of 5815's, and 11 guitars with 5815 LT's. ;) (3 of the 594's had something other than 5815 LT's in the bridge, 2 Righteous WL 594's with 5708's in the bridge, and a Brian's WL with an uncovered 5909 Bridge, all 3 with 5815 LT's still in the neck. Both of those were great combinations!)

    I just scored two sets of 5815's, they are inbound now, will try a set of those with my PS 594 Trem.

    I am eager to find a set of DGT pickups, and covered 5909's.

    I have had a ton of fun this year with pickup swaps in the 594's with great results, Lollar Imperials in both the regular and High Wind versions, ThroBak Peter Greens, Throbak MC-102B's, and some Kinman Humbucker Shaped P-90's, plus another set of Kinman Humbuckers.

    Circling back now to try various PRS Pickups in the 594's...
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    You did not make a mistake getting a CU24 ( I have both CU22 and 24 ) depending on pickups the 22 can be a bit ( a small bit IMHO ) fatter sounding in the neck pickup BUT my CU24 with 57/08s in it is a big full sounding rock monster.
    and yes there are TONS of PRS options I am doing my best to have them all :)
    remember PRS controls work really well you have to use them ( Vol , Tone ) to get everything out of a PRS



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    Interesting, I've one of the limited run DGTs, it came with a DGT bridge and a covered 59/09 in the neck. The 59/09 was great split, but was honky and dull with both coils. I could get some good sounds with bridge and neck blended, but ultimately swapped both out for BK Mules. The Mules are great, but compared back to back with the 59/09, not quite as good split and not quite as open/touch sensitive, but overall a much better package for me .... maybe the 57/08s are my Holy Grail ... or an unpotted version of The Mule!

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