59/09's in a Singlecut?


Knows the Drill
May 4, 2012
West Michigan
Anyone tried it? Thinking of swapping out the pickups in my Akesson SE to make a tone monster out of her. The SE 245 pu's are very nice, but I love the 57/08 vibe, and wouldn't mind the extra power of the 59/09's. Alternatively, anyone have an opinion on a 59/09 with a 53/10 in the neck? I would think the 59/09 would be a tad too hot to blend with the 53/10, but it would be a nice combo for my style if they meshed.
53/10 is pretty sweet in the neck position. I had one paired with a 57/08 in my SC and it sounded pretty great. Not sure how it would pair with a 59/09 since you'd be pairing the highest and lowest output pickups of the 5#/## series but they all sound great to my ear so it's hard to go wrong. I like the 53/10 in a darker sounding guitar.
Could work out pretty well. Pairing a hotter bridge pup with a more classic sounding neck pup has always been my preffered option in most guitars. Just need to make sure you set the pup heights right for the best balance.
Willcutt has a limited run os SC58's speced with 57/08's in the neck and 59/09's in the bridge if memory serves. They seem to like the pairing.