58/15 pickups


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Jun 15, 2012
pioneer valley
I have these on a 30th anniversary McCARTY. I'm curious as to how many of you have them and how you like them . Please, feel free to compare them to all the other fine pickups PRS makes . Let the conversations begin !


Kaptain Kazz of the Triple Sickle Alliance
Feb 16, 2015
Most people posting seem to think the 85/15s and 58/15s are among the best pickups PRS has ever made, but I haven't played them yet.


Hears Tones
Apr 26, 2012
Love them. My favorites are the 58/15s, 85/15s, 57/08s, 408s, and the late, lamented 53/10s (long since unobtainium).

All great pickups. The 58/15s have more clarity and split a little better than the 57/08s; they have more bite than the 53/10s and similar clarity; they are closer to the 408s than the 57/08s IMHO. The 85/15s sound similar, but are a little hotter because they don't have covers (this according to Paul Smith and I agree).

I have all of the above except the 53/10s, but have had a set of 53/10s on an SC58 in the recent past.

The 57/08s are still amazing pickups and among my favorites, too, with a little less clarity, but a bit fatter tone and to my ears, a little more vintage sound (as I define vintage sound, which we all know, varies from player to player, my reference being the 'buckers Gibson was making around 1965 and yes I know they're supposed to be 1958 era pickups; and yeah, that's going mostly by faulty memory, but it's a sound I grew up with and think I remember well).

Whatcha think of yours?