53/10 pickups

Walt Stacey

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Aug 15, 2023
Hi everyone. I'm new the forum. I'm the proud owner of a JA 15. I replaced the 53/10's with Lindy Fralin P90's. Now before everyone jumps down my throat, the JA 15 serves a specific purpose for me and sound-wise was redundant to some other of my hollow bodies which all sport hum buckers. I did not realize that the 53/10 was no longer made due to material no longer being available. I'm thinking of selling the pickup set and was wondering what the market would be like for them. I could only find one set available. They were a rare zebra set and the asking price was $1000. Anybody have any thoughts on this?
People occasionally buy pickups at crazy prices. The 58/15 LT+ were going for $1,000 shortly after they started appearing in SC594s. 53/10s have an aura around them that might get under someone's skin.

I'd probably hang on to them, too, but crazy prices sometimes meet crazy buyers.
Welcome. Us and everyone else, probably even the seller knows it's crazy! :D
Well, I agree, but right now on Reverb there are 40+ Used King of tone pedals ranging from $750-$1500 for sale. personally, I believe pickups to be far more important to your sound then a pedal, and especially one you have to wait on a list 3-4 years to buy a new one, to boot. to me, I find this even more ridiculous. the 53/10’s are almost impossible to find anymore. to the person who really wants a set, and money is no option, they’ll pay. Again, I agree the price is ridiculous, but I bet they sell sooner or later.
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