50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

Don’t let @bodia hear you say that, you will become his personal challenge to make it two-three-four.....

You see where this is going!

I'd buy 2 or 3 more, I just don't have the cash in the bank anymore. I have 2 expensive hobbies, fast cars and hot guitars, and a wife who doesn't care for either. A 277 would certainly make things interesting though.
The solution is painfully obvious; sell a fast car, buy more PRS. You only need one car. Insurance and upkeep is much cheaper too. You'll be saving money in the long run. That should make the wife happy.

The Mustang is my only transportation, work gives me a vehicle, but I can only drive it for work. On the bright side, I can plug the guitar into the car and play when I get to rest stops and car shows. ;)
A little spontaneous ditty.

Cars and guitars.
That is my passion.
Cars and guitars.
Always been my fashion.
Cars and guitars.
They are keeping me broke.
Cars and guitars.
Till the day I croak.

Please add verses.

OK, think I got another verse.

Cars and guitars.
The old lady's pissed.
Cars and guitars.
Always on her **** list.
Cars and guitars.
No maybe or might.
Cars and guitars.
No way I get any tonight.
1...2...3...4... FIFshitty