4 guitars in one night


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Apr 21, 2014
Vancouver BC
It was an experiment.

Here's a series of clips from our Halloween gig. Old country hall in hippie country up here in BC. Light show by Greg Evans with the old school equipment that came from the days of the Vancouver Trips Festival - the real deal.

Playing through my Fractal Ultra into a 70's BWG power amp into a 2x12 D120F cab, and also switching to a black faced 73 Vibrolux in just a few places.

I started off with my trusted PRS Torero - modifed with Dimarzio Super 2's. But I also played the following (seen in the video):
2001 Strat w/ Area 58's
1998 LP Standard DC w/ 1965 or 66 Gibson PAF's Gibson's copy of a PRS LOL - plays like a light LP
1981 Aria Pro II Rev Sound (through neck like the PRS but with brass nut and fixed brass bridge).

Peace and belated happy halloween,


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