3 Springs on Trem and can't lower the trem enough.. stronger spring suggestions..


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Aug 27, 2012
I'm trying to get the trem on my DGT and CU24 to be more bouncy when you tap on the bar. Think of Jeff beck type of sound..

So I removed one spring and had to tighten the claw all the way to the wood to compensate for the lost tension. But the bridge is still too high off the body. Need just a bit more tension but less than having 4 springs.

Suggestions? Maybe 2 Gotoh super high tension springs or 3 slightly higher tension springs? Where would I get the latter?

Yeah, what string gauges are you using?

Getting that wobbly feel takes a bit of balance. It may not work so well if you're running 11's or bigger.
Maybe you need lower tension, vintage style springs(?)

Perhaps you should replace ALL the springs with Raw Vintage ones, that could do the trick...
just good ol' 10s. Won't be changing sting gauge to lighter ones.. too used to 10s.

Anyone knows what tension are PRS springs? medium, light, or vintage or whatever?