245 "S" vs Dimarzio/Seymour Duncan/others

Apr 19, 2021
San José, Costa Rica
Hi! First post here :)

I just purchased a SE Zach Myers and I'm really liking the 245 "S" pickups. I have a SE Custom 7 string that I put a pair of Dimarzio PAF 7's in and that I found to sound pretty similar to the 245's. The 245 might have a little more top end, but not that much. Probably because the PAF 7's are ceramic and the 245's are alnico (correct?)

So, I was wondering if anybody has any experience and know which other pickups sound similar to the 245's? From what I've gathered, the Dimarzio PAF 36th should be similar, followed by the Air Norton. Not sure about Seymour Duncan's offerings, but I tried a 59 and I did not like it, it was too single coil sounding to my liking.

I have a pair of Mojotone PW Hornet's in my S2 Mira that I find to be "too polite", and I would like something with a little more bite. More like the 245's or the PAF 7's.

EDIT: I'm also open to recommendations for PRS USA pickups. Beeing eyeing a couple sets of #7 and a set of USA 245's in Reverb.

Thanks everyone!