24-08 se pickup options


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May 25, 2024
New to the world of guitars and playing. Learning on a standard 24-08 se and want to achieve that Alice In Chains facelift Album and or sound garden badmotorfinger, tool fear inoculum sound and don’t feel I get that from the stock pickups. I have looked at everything from SD distortions to JB’s, pearly gates, fluence modern 3 voice coils, to the tremonti pickups. I also like the blues a lot so any suggestions for bridge and neck pickups that can span this range would be helpful.
Welcome, what kind of amplifier are you using? How about pedals. Since a majority of your playing style and sounds are based on overdriven or distorted signals I would start with amplifier settings first then dive into the rabbit hole of distortion/overdrive pedals. Even the Blues based sounds can sometimes be just a good amp setting away. Good luck I’m sure others will chime in here. Pickups are another rabbit hole as you can imagine.
I have two solid state amps boss mkii50 and a fender mustang gtx100. Have not ventured into pedals and only been playing for a couple of months. So if the stock pickups can deliver that sound and I just need to find the right amp setting that would be great.
I’m using stock pickups on my 2021 SE CU24-08 and I use mainly Logic for an output but the guitar can get anything from ambient cleans, jazz through metal with the amp models I have in Logic.