2018 PRS Experience

I'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza (HGI was all booked up that weekend, damn). I wonder if that is relatively close to the HGI? Sure would love to meet everyone for the first time!

Just a few miles down Riva Road, towards the South River
I don't know the secret handshake, so I'm in an alternate site. At least I made it to the island this year.
As previously mentioned, I'm at the HGI in Graysonville - seemed like a nice environment, which my wife and I will both enjoy. And since my original plan was to buy a PRS guitar at the Experience, keeping her happy was important. (I'm now in the "forum special WL run" 509 build, so I no longer have any "pressure" to pick up something at Experience.)

Speaking of stuff for sale at Experience...in a separate thread @BeerBatteredPhish mentioned possibility of something interesting being announced (not "released") at Experience.

The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

I assume that would be akin to the CU24-08 announced at Experience 2016.

So will there be a special guitar run available for purchase right there and then at Experience? Or were a few 24-08s available right there and then, with order window open for the remainder of the run of 50?
As far back as I have been going there is a special Experience guitar, usually killer spec for a great price and typically have the PS type eagle on the headstock instead of the signature sticker. You can search Reverb for PRS Experience and several usually come up. I had the 2011 which was terrific.
Just wondering...

Those of you who have purchased at the Experience, what do you do with your new purchase for the rest of the day?
Good - that's a practical solution.

I've been to most Experiences, but have never purchased. In fact, I've never owned a PRS!
I hope to find a SC594 at the upcoming event.
Based on what I've seen previously, the selection really can't be beat.