2013 PRS NAMM Offerings ( Which one or ones are you interested in?)


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Apr 26, 2012
FredVegas Virginia
Just recieved the 2013 PRS NAMM Newsletter!!!
New Core Bass Line!
PRS Artist Package Now Available on Electrics, Acoustics, and Amplifiers
Custom 22 Is Back!
"Paul’s Guitar" and "Paul’ Amplifier"
New CAD 2–Channel Custom Amplifier
Brent Mason Signature Model
Neal Schon Signature Models
SE 245 Soapbar Brings Hot Single–Coil Sounds to PRS’s 2013 SE Lineup
SC245 Back into the Lineup
The SC245 is possibly the guitar i'd get if I had the cash - or an SC-58 used.

More affordable is the SE245 soapbar. I'd love to have a soapbar in my collection again so this is right up my street.
I am trying to decide between the two as well. Part of me likes the idea of really customizing a 408 to exactly what I want. But the other part of me likes the specs of Paul's guitar. I am waiting for some NAAM videos hopefully so that I can hear paul's guitar in action with the narrow pickups and the brass saddles.
Paul's guitar or a 408MT Artist package, but I heard that wold be a 408BRW...if that's true, then...
I like Paul's Guitar. One spec they don't seem to list is the body thickness. Is it McThick or the same as a Custom? I would love to see a workingman's version of it with dots or moons and some color choices. Goldtop? Solid black or black top natural back? Frost blue Metallic? Antique white?

Also diggin' the new CU22 with a blade selector. I've wanted that control layout since, what was it, 2007? When the Hilands came out. I wish I could retrofit my 05 CU22 with a blade selector, but that's not going to happen.
John - I would expect it to be McThick like all of Paul's personal guitars.
Paul's guitar definitely. Like to hear how the new pickup configuration is different than the regular 408s. Love the new birds.