2013 Forum Foosball Throwdown

Go, "First Place Champions" !!!!!!

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Double elimination. :)

I don't even know what that means.

Teams can lose ONCE and still be in it....

To become Champions, a team must win 5 games.

So, a 5 and 1 record is still a winner. If you are the BYE team and win the final, you would be 5 and 0 - and UberChampions.
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Danerada and I should have been on a team. We could have called it 'Squeedly Goateedly'! :spitcoffee:

Let's do it Heisenberg! I am horrible BTW....

...updating the J ladder and team roster....

That'll cost your team one brisket sandwich and a coke. Sweet BBQ on the brisket, please.
This is happening Friday correct?

Friday and/or Saturday.

This to all teams, not just Dane:

Teams will need to coordinate with each other for tourney times. I could assign you all times, but there is no way I'm gonna be responsible for anyone missing something they have sharpied on their schedule not to miss.

The best I can do is provide a sheet at/near the table with the J-ladder and spaces for the teams to list their availability. Teams who do not list availability will forfeit. If you can't meet up with an available team and are supposed to play them per the J ladder, you forfeit.

Once teams list their availability, I may post game times on the J ladder, so check it often.

I may be your Turd, but I ain't your mommy. Bragging rights for a full year are at stake.

Oh no, you're practicing!???! Well, sorry I dropped the ball...I didn't get a reply from you so I didn't submit anything.

I was gonna suggest "The Unnamed", I somehow missed your last post. I suppose I've been called worse than Nancy before.

I know I replied to you somewhere (I don't have any saved sent messages, so if it didn't go through, I didn't see that) - I liked the suggestion. Would have been cool. Ah well.

My son throroughly abused me during training. That's why he won't be at Experience!

]-[ @ n $ 0 |v| a T ! ©;102032 said:
Double elimination. :)
I don't even know what that means.

Two trips to the porta-potty per game.
The foosball action finally got going on Saturday afternoon. The participants largely ignored the J-ladder and took each other on jungle style.

There was some member swapping in the teams lineup, but it didn't seem to have any real effect on the final outcome.

The winning team made it through undefeated, making them the

XPRS13 Foosball Throwdown UberChampions.

I leave it for a member of the final loosing team to post a gracious congrats to the winners....