2013 Forum Foosball Throwdown


The de facto standard if you're in the USA is the Tornado T3000 coin-op. Any major city should have them available, but small town bars might not get enough foosball players to justify the expense.

As much as I've always loved the game it's a niche thing and becoming more so. I have a decent table and know how to cook so we do foosball every Thursday at my place. We have some of the best and worst players in the state mixing it up together. To keep the focus on fun rather than winning we play "loser ball" where the winners take the walk and the losers stay on the table.

The whole loser ball thing met major resistance with the people who were addicted to winning at first. Within a few months tho it went from friends constantly arguing about stupid **** to friends constantly laughing about that same stupid **** :)

If you're really interested in doing it right with a Tornado table get a hold of Charles Mackintosh at TornadoFoosball.com and he can point you in the right direction. Your bar can probably lease one but there are also players who buy tables to put in bars just for the quarters and to keep the scene going.

Odd that you joined a guitar forum to ask a question about foosball in a five year old thread but wth, I'll run with it.

Good luck :)

French table man, myself....... but I'll play on whatever... (Bonzini and Rene' Pierre are fav's... mine is a restored 1973 Bonzini coin-op).