2012 SE Custom 24 Love


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Apr 29, 2012
Been playing in the annual work "holiday party band" practicing for the past few weeks, first time I have been playing live in any regular capacity in the past decade.

I must say how impressed I am with the new SECU24. I'm using the thing tapped for 3/4 of the songs, sounds great through the little Tubemeister- it's just a super, stable instrument.

I only need one guitar because it's so versatile, AND I can leave the really expensive ones home. I thought about bringing the Mira to the party, but I like the single coil tones on the SECU24 better.

As I age, it sure is nice to be able to walk in with everything I need in one trip.
Few more days and I get to play mine! :)

Played it for a good few minutes in the shop but completely forgot the 2012 versions had a coil tap so i'm looking forward to hearing how that sounds.