2004 Hollowbody 2 with "57/08 WW"


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Nov 22, 2017

I came across this Hollowbody 2 Artist Package from 2004 in a very good condition which has been upgraded with some nice stuff for the looks but also with so called 57/08 "Wildwood Prototype" Humbuckers instead of the original Archtops. The dealer says that these are early 57/08s. Has anyone ever heard of them and could tell me something about it?
Plus is there anything you should be concerned about a 2004 model? Like a different piezo or something? Because I am really considering getting this one, but I am just pretty unfamiliar with these early models.

Here is a link to the guitar:


1-That's a nice looking piece.
2-57/08 are great pups, although "Archtop"s are my fav.
3-Early 2000's HB's are top notch, when I look at used I pay attention to that period.
4-No binding gives that one the Uniqueness Award.
5- ....... Did I say that was a nice looking piece?

Good luck with your future purchase.
Fantastic looking guitar. Those pickups will be very PAF sounding. I’d hop on that in a heartbeat.
Love 57/08s!

I think the WW version was slightly under wound versus the standard rating at the time. Think of them as 57/08LT :D
The only concern I would have is somebody else buying it before you get off the fence. If the money was in my budget, it'd be gone.
Thanks for all the answers, it seems that there is nothing to worry about. I will visit the store on saturday and most likely won't be able to leave without it :)