2003 McCarty, no treble bleed?


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Jun 17, 2021
I just got a 2003 PRS McCarty. As far as I can see the wiring is all stock, all solder joints look clean from the factory.

It does not appear to have a treble bleed circuit tho. It cleans up ok, both my other PRS (a CE from 91 and a Custom from 2017) both do it better.

Is it normal or an anomaly?


EDIT: here's a shot of the pickup cavity.

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A 1950's Gibson would not have had a bright cap on the volume control.

Nothing to it if you want to add the treble bleed cap tho.

I think it's just a 180 pf. capacitor. Amazon has them if you can't find locally.

Silver mica sounds nice. That's what I use.

You can get fancy too and do a Fralin or Kinman "volume kit" mod using a capacitor and a resistor too.

Just Google it.
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I've owned numerous McCartys and none ever had the treble bleed cap. I change the wiring from modern to 50's and the cap is not needed. I think in about 2007 PRS changed to 50's wiring for McCartys.