2 NOS Tonare arrive at GTRMAV, Cocobolo Steve Fischer Build and a Cocobolo Private Stock


Authorized PRS Dealer
Authorized PRS Dealer
Apr 22, 2013
I am sure you are well aware, that PRS Acoustics are literally slowly dripping out of the PRS factory.
We have been very fortunate to receive a couple of NOS Tonare Grande Acoustics from PRS in the last couple of weeks..
The first is a 2009 Steve Fischer Built Guitar that was in the Artist Relations Program for PRS. This guitar was used by a Grammy Award winning Country Band for recording and some performances. It was returned to PRS and Archived until we received. #81 is a very low production number and at the time, there were not any PS acoustics, so each of these was hands on for Both Steve and Paul in the build process. Not only is this guitar a collectible and rare guitar, it sounds Fantastic. Loud and Articulate. These don't appear for sale very often, and its reasonably priced. This guitar was NEVER sold before..
Red European Spruce Top on this one..


The Private Stock was a 2015 Production. My understanding is this guitar was shipped into a West Coast Dealer's Store for a Clinic that Paul was doing, but For some reason the clinic was canceled. The Guitar is New and NEVER Sold. Full PRS Warranty applies to this one..
The top on this one is Adirondack! Great Looking and Even better sounding.. Priced to Sell, so LETS GO!!

If only timing were right. #81 would be in my hands...:(
Someone snap that up and sell it to me down the road someday.
If only timing were right. #81 would be in my hands...:(
Someone snap that up and sell it to me down the road someday.

Thinking about it!

I have the Angelus version of that Tonare (Early Fischer model with carbon fiber non-adjustable truss rod, CoCo B&S...Adirondack top)...and if that #81 is anywhere near as great sounding...don’t hesitate.
The 594 P-90 that John Mann is auctioning off for charity. It hits every button I have, except it's not blue.