1995 used custom 24 advice


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Dec 29, 2012
I was at guitar center today and I was looking at PRS SE's (Was planning on buying a custom 24 se or Mikael Akerfeldt model) when I noticed a used custom 24 for $1,500. I asked to try it and I immediately felt a huge difference between it and the SE's. It has a rotatory switch (I'm not familiar with these) and from looking up the number on the headstock it is a 1995 model. I've been looking to buy a new guitar for months and I normally put a lot of research into buying one but I went for the impulse buy and decided to purchase it. When I was being ringed up the guitar was flagged as pawned so it couldn't leave the store for another week. So now that I have a little bit of time to think about it, I wanted to get more advice on the model and price for the condition. It has a minor chip on the inside curve under the upper frets, a small scratch on the headstock, the gold bridge and tuners have faded some, and the back is pretty worn out. I took some pictures hastily because I was in a hurry. I appreciate any feedback!

PS. My musical tastes are mostly metal. I have an ESP LTD KH-602 as my main electric and want something a little more versatile but still able to play metal.




Hi, the CU24 will be versatile enough for what you need. I have one from 2008 but pickups should be the same setup, can do pretty much anything I throw at it. I'm not sure of the price though (i'm in the UK), seems reasonable to me as i'd expect a used one here to go for around £1200.

I'd grab it if you have the cash.
That's a $1200 guitar, at best. I would try eBay for a better price than $1500. Guitar Center sucks.
You can do metal with it, the price seems alright to me also, looks like it might have an Artist package too.
Quick question...the chip near the upper frets...does it look like a problem with the neck joint?

The chip is strictly cosmetic. Its on the body, away from the neck. That was just the best way for me to describe it. I think I'm going to get it. It felt great and if I don't feel like it was worth it I can return it within 30 days. Thanks for all the feedback! If I do get it I will post better pictures.
Looks like a good price to me! Is it a 10-top? Nice looking fiddle! I'd go for it too!
You are getting a great guitar if you go with the CU24 obviously... I'd definitely negotiate, there should be wiggle room in that price.... I assume it had Dragon 1 pickups? And I never can keep it straight as to when they stopped doing Brazzy boards on production models, or if they ever did... But, regardless if you played it and liked it, that matters most... I think you should go for it.. I love my 1996 CU22, it is a very special guitar to me. I've heard the 95-96 ones are very nice from quite a few members back in the BaM days...
And a '95 is still the "old" factory (the move to the current factory happened at the very beginning of '96, IIRC). $1,500 sounds like a pretty good price to me.
I went ahead and bought the guitar. I can pick it up Monday and I can return it in 30 days if I want to, so I’m definitely going to thoroughly test it out. I’m still debating with myself though if I should just start out with the custom 24 SE and maybe down the road get a PRS. The pros with the SE to me are that I can get it in grey black (which I really love), it won’t have any nicks, etc., and it would cost about $1,000 less. I pretty much only play for myself so I won’t be doing any serious gigs or recording. I just want to get some input from you all. I’m just really indecisive and I appreciate the feedback!
I couldn't wait and picked it up during lunch... I played it a little and its awesome. I can't wait to take it home and plug it in. It has 9s on it right now, I was going to go home and put 10s on it. How much adjusting will that take?
Not an artist pack (pretty sure they didn't exist then) as it doesn't have the rosewood headstock overlay. But it does have Mother of Pearl birdies which are my favourite and of course gold hardware which would have been quite a pricey option. All round a very nice player's guitar.
I think you got a pretty good deal. I'd estimate a "pre-factory" Cu24 with 10 Top, Birds, and gold hardware is worth $2000-$2200. Congrats, she's a beauty.
Don't let one that really speaks to you walk. A lot of regret will come later. If it's got that special somethin', keep it. Price shouldn't matter unless it's way off the mark, which this one is not.
Not so sure guitar center sucks....I have gotten killer deals done....for very good gear....I got a sick amp last night for a song at GC. I know some really good people who work in some of the stores. Hit or miss is a better way of describing it. Deal with people as opposed to the "institution".

if the guitar spoke to you then that's what's important...hard to tell from the pics what the condition really is. There was a time when $1500 for a Custom 24 was a no brainier. Because the guitar was just bought in unless you know somebody chances are they will not be willing to budge on price for 3 months.

+1. 1500.00 is more than a fair price for that guitar.