1994 Custom 22


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Jul 29, 2015
So i stumbled across a custom 22 with a year code of 4 and a serial number in the 20k range which matches the PRS book as 1994. Oddly, it had the larger script logo and long heel neck. My initial thought was that this was a 1994 made in the new factory to the new spec's making it probably one of the first guitars out of the new factory. Am I missing something here? Help is greatly appreciated. PS the guitar is in fair condition and will need some work and the price is in line with the condition. I also think the pickups are not original and no case.
I would agree with your assessment, while not seeing it.

CU22's always had a long neck heel by design, and the bigger foil sticker logo began then too.
As always you are the man! Also, the guitar did not have covered dragon's. I suspect a pickup change. probably alnico 2's.
I've seen a guitar like that and I thought that it was possibly refinished by the PTC. The one I saw was in almost-mint condition so it seemed a bit more likely that it was a recent refinish.

The condition you described makes it seem unlikely that its a PTC refinish but it's another possibility.