1993 PRS HSS Wiring Help!


New Member
Nov 26, 2020
I am hoping to restore a 1993 PRS that had the original pickups replaced with EMGs. I have the original singlecoil pickups and bought a new PRS 57/58 Humbucker pickup. I honestly don't know what I'm doing - but tried to follow some wiring diagrams I found online. Unfortunately finding HSS setups with a '93 rotary switch isn't easy. I honestly don't even know what model of PRS this is - SN 315912. It's got a flamed top and tobacco finish.

I'm hoping someone here can help! The attached image is my best attempt to represent how I have it wired (which works, but the Humbucker is super quiet and there are grounding issues).

Thank you / fingers crossed someone knows how do this!!!