1992 Santana Tri Color 'Rasta' Flag Custom 24

Thanks for all the info so far everyone! It's been awesome to learn a bit more about the guitar.

If only we could know how many were actually made and what the story was behind them, and if Santana tried them all out and kept the ones he liked. So much mystery still to uncover!

Could be part of one the Archive YT videos ( @Shawn@PRS ) nudge, nudge, ;), ;),
First time I'm viewed the forum in ages and up pops a thread about the Rasta guitars.

I've bought one about 5 years back when one popped up for sale online at one of the UK largest music dealers. It was priced about the same as a regular 92 PRS and I bought it unseen and kept it since. HoweverI don't know anything about how it turned up in the UK.

In terms of history, I remember reading an interview with Santana in Guitarist magazine where the interviewer enquired about the Rasta guitars - Seems Santana doesn't now own any Rasta guitars but gave a couple away to Wyclef and (bizarrely) Steffi Graf.

I also took mine along to one of the PRS events in the UK and got it signed. Seems I can post pics/links yet due to post count.
Please post some more... I'm sure everyone would like to see another one of these!
Hopefully link will work as should have enough posts!

Thanks for the comments and welcome.

Couple of more photos with a Rasta guitar (and Santana!) on the front cover of Guitarist magazine and Santana signed cap


Headstock signed at a PRS event in the UK