1988 Classic Electric owners...Please help!


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Apr 27, 2012
I just acquired one of these in trade and want to confirm the Wiring diagram. If anyone with an '88-'89 CE with the Metal toggle switch could post a picture of their wiring that would be awesome!


There are lots of sources for Wiring Diagrams on the Internet. Without linking to another companies website, a Google search for "Guitar Wiring Diagrams" will produce enough links to fill in the blanks for you if no additional help is provided here.
I think you have the right help but it needs to be the old 3 way. The 1st year CE's had the 3 way switch, and no push pull. I don't have a photo of it taken already, but if you don't get one by tonight I'll take on for you.

Ok this photo may or may not help you. Nothing in here but the pots is original but it works. When I rescued this CE24 it had an aftermarket switch in it and nothing worked. I replaced the switch with as close to the right one as I had and put in SC245 pups. I reworked the wires that went to the switch and it now works. I didn't do a complete re-wire and maybe I should but it sounds so good I just play it. Here is the photo. The small white ones are ground, and there is a black one that goes to the ground bundle in the middle that is also ground for the pups. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone, I know how the guitar Is supposed to be wired.

What I was looking for is what The Metal Toggle 3-way that PRS used in the 1st and early 2nd year actually was. Aldwyn helped me out a TON and I found out they actually used an ALCO MTG 226PA Switch. I have a couple incoming:)