1985 PRS value?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CamP, Nov 17, 2019.

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    I'd agree 1/2 sounds about right. To be honest knowing what to value something at is hard - I was just thinking there was a very early 1986 Sig for sale in the UK and the vednor was (and probably still is) asking a lot for it. But he said he'd paid a fortune for it, so it depends what people have in their guitar. On the other hand I was offered an even lower numbered 1986 Sig (very few 1986 Sigs btw) for around 1/3 of what they wanted and it was in perfect condition with a top that was like a ball of fire. The difference was the other person just wanted to sell it and was resigned to taking a financial hit.
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    I think $2500 is a pretty good estimate for your guitar. I own two 85s, a Custom and a “Pre-Standard”. I think a really nice 85 PRS Guitar (the real name for a Pre-Standard) is worth $5000 to $6000, depending on color, birds, etc.

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