12-56 with first gen locking tuners?


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Jun 12, 2024
I've got a Custom 22 with the first gen locking tuners. Need to tune down to B standard for a project and got a set of Ernie Ball Cobalt 12-56. I can't get the tuner to grip the lowest string however. What are the thickest string that are usable with those tuners? Any tricks to use?
Winged tuners are a bassist’s best friend
I'm a primary a bass player so a part of me is happy that it doesn't work. The other part of me discovered that I can use my Custom 24 with gen 2 locking tuners so that will have to do for the time being. The 22 has a fixed bridge so it would have been much more convenient to switch gauges and tuning than with the 24 and its floating bridge.