12/12... An incredible day in Stevensville


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May 9, 2012
A close friend of mine had been talking to Doug about getting his second H amp tweaked, so Doug invited him down to make sure all went smoothly. Similarly, I had been talking to Sean about coming down to finally give my 2000 SAS some PTC TLC. Well the stars aligned and we were both able to plan a road trip!

First, we spent a good part of the day with Doug while he worked his magic on the amp tweaks. Testing, listening, tweaking, listening some more... Doug was incredibly gracious and tireless. Inviting our feedback, the guy is a true gentleman. Ultimately the amp work was complete and came out sounding better than ever. Doug went above and beyond!

After loading the amps back in the car, I sought out Sean to discuss some neck work on my SAS. After some thought, we're going with a neck refret/refin. The only decision I need to make is the fret size - DGT or regular. I'll figure that out shortly. Sean was awesome as always. Thereafter, he gave us a quick factory tour and my friends were blown away. Thanks for fitting that in, Sean!

Finally, Doug, Sean and Matt we're incredibly accommodating, and the personal attention they provided was notable. While I've been to the factory several times, I never grow tired of getting to Stevensville, and this was the best visit of all. Thanks to the guys for a great day!

Thanks for stopping by Mike, it was great seeing you again!

Just let me know about the fret size and we'll get moving on your refret.
Awesome trip Mike. Sounds like you had a blast! I like you never grow tired of the trip and am always amazed at the sincere and genuine kindness from everyone in the PRS family. PRS!!!