10's to 9's on a Custom 24


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Nov 28, 2012
I have owned my first Custom 24 for just about a month now and have spent a great deal of time with it. I like everything about it and the only issue I have is that it came with 10's on it from the factory. While I have gotten used to 10's, I am most comfortable with 9's.

I have been learning a lot about PRS and someone mentioned that 9's on a Custom 24 were just too slinky.

I see threads from people going from 9's to 10's but not the other way around. I would imagine I would have to loosen the claw a bit to compensate for the loss of tension. IS that it with the PRS trem?

Thoughts on 9's on a Custom 24?


I wouldn't be scared to try it. You might prefer a "slinky'er" feel. everyone has different taste in string sizes and brands. I actually prefer 10's and have 11's on one of mine. ...I've never owned a 24, but I wouldn't think you would need to relieve any neck tension just going down 1 size.
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I usually use 11s on one of my Epi Les Pauls and 13s on the other one. I thought I was gonna put 10s or 11s on my Santana SE when I got it, but I actually kind of like the 9s on it. I just picked up a Custom 24 SE and for some reason I don't liken the feel of it. Gonna put 10s on it net string change.