1. D

    NGD: 2019 SE Custom 24 Zebrawood

    New user here, first PRS guitar. As y'all can imagine, I'm just astounded by this fantastic instrument. It was set up perfectly, right off the rack. You know how good it sounds. It looks like I can't post photos 'cause I'm a newbie here; believe me, it looks frigging gorgeous. I have a bunch of...
  2. Jotarock

    Help(SE custom 24 Zebrawood) Is there a difference between the korean and the indonesian version?

    Hello guys! I want to buy my first ever PRS guitar, the gorgeus PRS SE custom 24 with "Zebrawood" finish. The problem is that i can´t find anywhere a KOREAN manufactured one. All the stores sell INDONESIAN models. Where can i find a KOREAN Prs SE custom 24 with "ZEBRAWOOD" ? Please help me! (i...
  3. A

    Problems importing into Canada?

    Hi guys, I ordered the 2018 PRS SE Custom 24 Zebrawood more than a month ago. My local guitar dealer said that PRS was having trouble shipping guitars into Canada because of the rosewood fret board and the shell inlays. I checked in with PRS customer service via email and they confirmed the...
  4. W

    NGD - SE Custom 24 Zebrawood

    Few months ago I was contemplating an SE Custom 24 vs a used S2 and in almost every case I preferred the SE especially with the discount if going used. The Sweetwater rosewood top caught my eye and I was planning on grabbing one of those but when I saw PRS were doing a zebra top, I went ahead...