zach myers

  1. BonMat

    Total Beginner: Neck Profile

    Looking to tap your collective wisdom about the impact of neck profile for a beginner. I'm a total beginner to guitar, starting at age 39. (I tell my wife, there are worse mid-life crises.) I've been goofing around with my kid's 3/4 scale Squier for a few months now. After a lot of reading...
  2. vchizzle

    Exotic top SE run for the USA!!!

    Now that I have your attention :D, c'mon PRS, do it! I want an ebony top Zach Myers bad!
  3. D

    P94 pickups in PRS?

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying a PRS SE Zach Myers (2017 model) and have a few questions please. 1) Is it possible to install Gibson P94 pickups? How would these sound on a PRS? I want that Les Paul Junior/Green Day tone, but want to stick with a PRS model. 2) Besides aesthetics, do I...
  4. tyfu20

    ZM in action this weekend!

    Love the versatility of this guitar. With a tweak of the tone knobs, handled No Woman No Cry to Mudshovel, and all parts in between! '][/URL] [/URL][/IMG]