1. G

    PRS SE One Wraparound Mismatch Radius - HELP!

    Hi! I have a PRS SE One, my guitar tech changed its radius to 12 and installed Jescar 57110 frets. Now the problem is that the radius of its wraparound bridge is 10. And it is not easy to change its radius without causing problems with strings slipping in the grooves and making noises. So, I...
  2. M

    Tim Mahoney SE hardware replacement

    I have a Tim Mahoney SE and was looking to replace the chrome wraparound bridge with a gold wraparound with saddles, and possibly replacing the tuners with some gold locking tuners.. could I get either of these without having to drill new holes? I bought a bridge about 5 years ago that didn’t...
  3. Bordonbert

    Bernie Marsden Signature constantly snapping strings

    Does anyone else know of any problems with snapping strings on a 2017 Bernie Marsden Signature? I'm using Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and in the last two months I have snapped 2 e 10s, 1 B 13s, 2 D 26s, and 1 A 36. I've even had two in the same night. None of these has gone beyond two weeks...