wraparound stoptail

  1. B

    Does a Stoptail Bridge fit a McCarty 594?

    Does anyone know if a Stoptail Bridge fits on a McCarty 594? I was wondering if I can use this as a tail piece to top wrap my 594. Link to the item in question is from the PRS accessory website -...
  2. C

    PRS wraparound stoptail

    Just bought a new SE Paul’s guitar and I’m having problems with sustain and what seems to be fretbuzz (mainly on G and B strings around middle of the neck) Have raised the action, gave the truss rod more slack and still having problems. My SE custom 24 (trem) has a super low action with an...
  3. Ironwolf

    PRS Aluminum Stoptail VS. MannMade 2300

    I'm forming the opinion that the MannMade 2300 is an amazing upgrade. perhaps we should just put it in the category of different tones available. because the standard bridge is also very nice. however I just purchased 2018 Experience Paul's guitar, and it seemed like a really cool...