1. T

    I think this is a stupid doubt but…

    Is this a crack or it’s just the wood naturally?
  2. Patrick Montgomery

    Private Stock orders during lockdown

    I have a deal with my wife that when I finish grad school I can get my first PS to celebrate! As things stand now, we might still be in lockdown/quarantine when that happens. I always dreamed of going to the factory with a dealer to pick the woods I want and everything. I wanted to see it in...
  3. K

    Why SE Custom 24 use Maple but not Mahogany for neck?

    I'm wondering is there any reason that SE Custom 24 use Maple for neck wood, not Mahogany like the Core Custom 24? Because of COST or TONE? Does anybody know this secret?
  4. V

    Where is the wood that PRS use come from ?

    Does anyone know that Where is the wood that PRS use come from ? Like a Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood , where are they come from country ?
  5. pauloqs

    Wood quality on Core guitars

    Besides the amazing wood drying process on PRS guitars and outstanding craftsmanship, another characteristic that I don’t see advertised as much is the wood grade used in Core guitars. I believe PRS use a lower density mahogany for their core guitars, like you find in the Custom Shop of other...
  6. jleminen

    1992 PRS Custom 24 Wenge top

    I bought excellent 1992 PRS Custom 24 wenge topped guitar. I heard that 1992-1993 "PRS experimented with exotic tops, including wenge, cedar, zebra wood, etc and were not part of any limited run, they are normal production guitars except for the exotic tops" There's no modcat code in pickup...