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  1. M

    PRS Custom 24 SE Pickup Install Help

    Hello, I ordered a set of Mojotone PW Hornets and wanted to attempt to install them myself; however, I'm finding myself to be overwhelmed in understanding what's actually going on here. I have a basic understanding of pots and switches but have never installed pickups before and all the...
  2. Carry the 0

    Mira single pickup.Thoughts ? Pickup and wiring

    I love my Mira SE. I was thinking to configure it just like a double cut LP jr. Single hum-sized p90 in the bridge. Using an Esquire type wiring. Any suggestions as to cap and pot values/types? Has anyone ever done this before? Thanks for your time and suggestions.
  3. P

    Color coding on the CE 24's 85/15 TCI pickups?

    I got a set of these to put on my SE but I can't find any diagrams that tell me what the cables do. I'd assume that black/white/red/green are the same as normal 85/15, but what do I do with the extra orange wire? Looking at a picture the seller sent me of the guts of his guitar, it looks like...
  4. D

    5-way switch + tone push/pull combos

    Greetings to all, I am new to this forum and I would like to ask for some support in wiring my PRS Custom 24 SE. I have 5-way switch installed, volume and tone push/pull. I would like to get these combos: Tone push/pull down: 1. Bridge humbacker (series) 2. Bridge humbacker (parallel) 3...
  5. D

    Help wiring new Seymour Duncan’s in PRS SE Standard

    Hi folks, Hoping somebody can help me with this - I know it’s been asked a million times with different guitars. I just installed Seymour Duncan humbuckers in a PRS SE standard. Obviously, the leads are different. I have a coil tap tone knob, and a 3-way switch. But now have more wires to deal...
  6. JdS

    59/09 pickup swap - Help!

    Hi guys, I just replaced the 58/15's in my 2019 McCarty (single conductor wiring) with 59/09's (four conductor), using this schematic: http://www.prsguitars.com/documents/custom3waytoggle.pdf I installed the pickups exactly like the schematic: Bridge pickup - black wire (hot): to 3way toggle...
  7. M

    Help with loose wire... when pick guard swap goes wrong...

    Help! pick guard swap goes wrong - lose wire? So I was swapping the pickguard on my new PRS Mira SE (tortoise to black) and I was afraid of breaking anything... Anyways my fears were realized when I noticed a loose black wire after swapping the tone pots and switches over. (I must have...
  8. J

    How To Wire A SE Custom 24 Out Of Phase?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be replacing the pickups in my SE Custom 24 with Dimarzio Air Classics and am trying to figure out how to use the push-pull pot to switch them out of phase. I've been looking but can't find a diagram for this particular wiring scheme.
  9. T

    CE24 new pickups

    Hello, Im trying to install some new Lambertone pickups into my 2017 CE24. I got the 4 wiring option to be able to coil tap using the existing PRS push pull. I'm not very familiar with push/pull wiring and I'm running into several snags. Below is how I have the wiring set up working with the...