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wiring diagram

  1. I

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the stock Custom 24 wiring with 5-way blade, but using the 85/15 TCI wire colors?

    I'm trying to install 85/15 TCI pickups in my custom 24, but all I could find on the PRS website was this: https://d159anurvk4929.cloudfront.net/documents/customs_2017.pdf Unfortunately, that wiring doesn't match with my pickups, because they only mention red, white, and black for each pickup...
  2. C

    Is there 58/15 lt wiring diagram for se custom 24?

    hi guys I own a se custom 24 zircote. It has 85/15 s pickups, 1 volume, 1 tone with coil split, 3 position switch. And I bought a 58/15 LT used for an upgrade of it. It is a 3 conductor pickup set. What wiring diagram should I follow to install those pickups into my guitar?
  3. L

    Need Help with CE24 Wiring Diagram

    Hello All! I am new to the forum and am in need of desperate help with the Wiring Diagram of the CE24 with the old 2 Wire 85/15 Pickups. I have a custom 24 10 Top that came with Dimarzios installed. Also in the case were some of the old ce style 85/15 pickups. Id like to go back to stock but...
  4. RickF

    Wiring diagram for adding a piezo / humbucker switch to SE HB ii Piezo

    Hello, Is there a wiring diagram for adding a 3-way switch to the SE Hollowbody ii Piezo anywhere to be shared? This guitar is really, really amazing. I get a ton of compliments on how good it sounds. The one thing lacking from a performance perspective is a switch. Having to spin the...
  5. P

    SE Custom 24 to Custom 24-08 conversion

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I thought I would share my upgrades to my SE Custom 24 with you in case anyone else would like to make these modifications. Recently I was planning to buy a SE Custom 24-08, however I was very lucky and won a SE Custom 24. I love the look and...
  6. D

    5-way switch + tone push/pull combos

    Greetings to all, I am new to this forum and I would like to ask for some support in wiring my PRS Custom 24 SE. I have 5-way switch installed, volume and tone push/pull. I would like to get these combos: Tone push/pull down: 1. Bridge humbacker (series) 2. Bridge humbacker (parallel) 3...
  7. M

    SE 245S pickups (wiring adventures with a ZM)

    The SE 245S set in my Zach Meyers always tended to make the neck pickup output much stronger than the bridge, even though the bridge is said to have considerably more winds. (FYI the general reason for this is that strings move a much greater distance back and forth at the neck and far smaller...