1. Broseph

    NGD CE 24 with 58/18 LT pickups

    Here is my new baby. I managed to track down a CE with 58/15 LT pickups, courtesy of a Willcutt 50th anniversary run when 50 of them were made in all kinds of finishes in 2018. Of course I did some cosmetic mods to make it my own: amber knobs, custom truss cover rod cover, changing the...
  2. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD: My first Private Stock, SSH in faded pomegranate

    I’ve been eyeing this on Willcutt’s website for about a year after buying a WL SSH last summer. I have been torn, since buying a Private Stock or 2-3 core/artist/WL models is the same amount money. How can I justify one guitar for the price 2-3 guitars that I know would be killer? Well, I...