wide fat neck

  1. A

    Neck shape question

    Hello all! I had a 1997 CE24 with the wide/thin neck and while I loved everything about the guitar, the neck always made my fretting hand cramp after a short while so I sold it. This was with classical hand positions, thumb over, soft touch, didn’t matter. I don’t squeeze the neck or fret...
  2. oyecomova

    New to forum

    Hey Everyone, new to the forum and have a few things I'd like to talk about. I currently own two se Santana models. My first is a 2014 22 fret model and the second is 2022 24 fret model. I previously owned an se soap bar 2. The reason I'm posting is I would love to have an se Santana model...
  3. P

    Was there ever a Core Custom 22 Semi-Hollow?

    Was there ever a Core Custom 22 Semi-Hollow? It seems like such a thing would have existed once upon a time, but I haven't turned up examples searching online. I prefer 22 frets, Wide Fat necks, and stop tails, and it looks like the only way to come close to that particular guitar in...