1. S

    Just pre-ordered my first US PRS. A CE24 in White Satin! (UK)

    Hey all! Just joined the forum/ I've just managed to find a steal with a local music shop near me (PMT) and they're selling the CE24 Satin in White for £1125 - this is cheaper than I can find second hand, so I'm very happy with that! How do you guys rate these? For me, Im desperate to get a...
  2. N

    Antique white on new s2 thinline

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone owns the new s2 thinline in antique white and can supply some photos of what the true colour is? Where I live there are none to look at, and online the colours vary a lot. Here are some examples: Any help would be appreciated!
  3. G

    (SOLVED! Post #19) - Lines/Checking Under Silver Sky Finish (Frost)

    Hey y'all - long time reader, first time poster. Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere - I searched but could not find anything regarding this. I've got a ton of parallel lines that look like "checking" underneath the Frost White finish. Hard to see unless you catch the light just...
  4. HoovHead

    Single Cut HB II -NGD

    NGD --> 2011 Single Cut Hollowbody II <--NGD First, I have ALWAYS wanted an antique white PRS. Lately, I also have GAS for a hollowbody. The local GC brought this sweet instrument in on trade. On Saturday morning, I woke up early and performed my daily used PRS search from the GC APP (at 5:00...
  5. A

    Yellow'd pickguard - Silver Sky

    Not sure if this is the location I should place this question but it seemed like the most appropriate place. The dealer I purchased my Silver Sky from did not remove the "PRS Please remove..." sticker/plastic film after he sold it to me. I removed it when I got home and noticed that there...
  6. rnodern

    USA Dave Navarro

    Hi all, has anyone got a Dave Navarro signature model? Other than the Arctic white colour scheme, is it essentially a custom 24 with gold hardware? Any thoughts from.owners? Cheers