whammy bar

  1. stankbank

    Tuning stability - E/A/D

    With my new S2 Custom 24, the whammy works great. The high E/B/G strings seem to stay in tune totally fine but the E/A/D seem to go sharp every time. I am using 10-46, the strings seem to fit wonderfully in the nut slots. I also use Tri-Flow and big bends nut sauce on the saddles and nut slots...
  2. Bry86

    Can’t get tremolo bar in...

    I received a 2020 PRS Tremonti SE and it has a tremolo bar. I never had one before on past guitars so I try to slide it into hole for the bar. I can’t get but the tip of the bar in the hole. I took the lock screw all the way out, after I descoveres it, and still cannot get the bar to slide in to...
  3. Ovibos

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  4. J

    Difference between left handed and right handed trem bar?

    So I recently acquired a lefty PRS SE and was just wondering if I'd need to buy a left handed trem bar as some that I've seen state that they're for only right handed models. I haven't used a tremolo bar before even though I've been playing the guitar for 14 years, for some reason I've just...