whale blue

  1. Going Modal

    NGD - my new "sleeper" guitar

    Picked up this 2012 Stripped 58 very recently. It came with its stock covered 57/08's, but I really wanted to do a 57/08 neck + 59/09 bridge combination--plus the look of this guitar was really asking for a black squabbin in the bridge--so I just finished installing that, followed by a full...
  2. shimmilou

    NGD - 2019 S2 Singlecut - Whale Blue

    Been waiting for this one for a few months. I really like these #7 pups, very bright and articulate, and seem like low or maybe medium output pups, very expressive and touch sensitive. The bridge in particular is clear and bright without being harsh, with a crispy/chewy driven tone, that is easy...
  3. pauloqs

    NGD: S2 Silglecut Semi-Hollow

    7 lbs 6.7 oz of awesomeness. Had to raise the action on the low side just a hair. Also the nut had a bit of a sharp edge, but that took me less than a minute to address giving it a more played in feel. First time I experienced this with a US made PRS. However, if any of you encounter this, I...
  4. I

    Custom 24 58/15

    Hello I am new to the PRS world, and had the chance to play my first PRS guitar. Have had my eye on the Custom 24 58/15 for a little while now, and enjoyed a short test drive yesterday. Love the whale blue finish and the look of these limited edition guitars. Like the 58/15 pickups a lot...
  5. Jubz

    NGD - S2 Custom 24 + Blackstar

    Totally excited, such a sweet sounding PRS; love the build, S2 Custom 24 in Whale Blue. Also picked up a Blackstar HT-5R amp; gotta have that warm tube sound with this S2. And dug out an old Korg Pandora PX4 that I had picked up 10 years ago. Looking forward to getting back into playing again...