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    Better push-pull tone pot?

    Hi! I have great PRS USA S2 Custom 24, but do not like the tone of the push-pull tone pot. It very fast drives too bright sound which I don't like. Some people say it's a kind of modern sound and as someone pointed out here its a kind an icepick boost in treble. What's the pot / solution which...
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    PRS SE 245 Volume-Tone Knob Measurement

    Hello Everyone, I am doing some electronic upgrades to my SE 245, and i'm ordering a pre-wired volume and tone knob kit. Does anybody know the placing measurements center to center from volume to volume and volume to tone? They are slightly farther apart than a Gibson Les Paul. I am not able...
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    Volume Knobs acting weird?

    I just got an se 245 today and noticed something a bit strange. If I have the pickup switch in the middle and I roll one of the volumes knobs down both pick ups will shutoff (both lose volume). It happens regardless of which volume knob I use. Is that normal?
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    Loose Pots

    I have a 2019 Custom 24-08 and notice that all of the pots feel "sloppy" or loose. I've confirmed that the nuts are tight to the body and that the "slop" is between the pot shaft and the pot body. I would also say they feel a bit dry, as in the wiper and shaft is not lubricated well. Is this...
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    Need new volume pot in my S2...

    For a while now, when I twist the volume knob on my guitar, its causes this unpleasant crackling... Kind of like brushing a newspaper against your ear... I've taken it to the shop and they've always told me to apply some Deoxit. Its worked a few times but I'm pretty sure it's an electronic issue...
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    Push/pull knobs

    Hello all, This seems like a very easy question with an obvious answer but I am just having a bit of trouble googling the information I am looking for. I have the Paul Allender SE model and I have been enjoying it for a few years. But I am ashamed to admit that I just noticed today that the...