1. L

    Is the Vela SH balanced?

    First of all. Sorry about my bad English. First post here... I tried a Vela solid body the other day and was really impressed. This one crosses many of my boxes. Want to buy this guitar, but preferably the SH version. Have my eye on the charcoal semi-hollow satin 2020. Having owned a neck...
  2. ellamir

    PRS G&B Starla Pickup Color Code

    Hey all, I have a Vela. Recently I had a different bridge pup in there. Wasn't too happy and I want to go back to the Starla pup. I've looked at a few other threads, but I can't really find a solid answer. Does anyone know what the color codes are for the G&B Starla pup? Thanks for the help...
  3. Blake Rice

    Proof of Concept: The Vela Trem

    Hey everybody! Thought I'd share my pet project PRS that I've labored on for almost 2 years to get it where it is today. This is my ideal version of the PRS Vela Trem idea talked about by so many. After cutting a new pickguard, swapping pickups, and rewiring the entire guitar, it was time to...
  4. Blake Rice

    Semi-Hollow Vela: Yea or Nay

    Hey all! I currently own a solid S2 Vela that I absolutely love. It has been my favorite guitar since day one, and I have put a lot of time and money into modding it and making it my own (including installing a trem. More on that later...). Anyway, I also currently own a McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow...
  5. P

    PRS Studio S2 D-Style pickups

    I'm looking for some pickups that could replace me D-Style pickups on my studio. Something that is the same size but has more presence and bite. I am not looking for hotter pickups, I feel the d-style pickups have a nice output to them. They just lack some character and presence. I was looking...
  6. Ovibos

    I played a Vela today

    Happened to be in Buffalo Grove, and hit up the Sam Ash there. No cores, but a few SES and S2s. Already better than the local GC. Had them grab the lone Vela off the wall, since I've never played one. Great neck, nice weight. Tried to dial in some sounds on the Katana (cause I'm used to mine)...
  7. drdoom8793

    Vela Neck Pickup

    Anybody seen any Vela neck pickups being sold? I'd like to get my hands on one for a project. Didn't see anything on Reverb or the Bay. Thought maybe somebody around here might have a line on one.
  8. C

    Vela with a trem

    I am considering buying a Vela soon and would like to get an estimate on how much it would cost to swap the bridge it comes with for a S2 Molded Tremolo. I know the bridge itself is up to $199, how much would the actual mod cost? Thanks
  9. RickyFresh

    S2 Vela Keeps Dropping Out of Tune

    Hey all, I just recently purchased a used Vela (semi-hollow, reclaimed wood). It sounds great, although I can't seem to keep it in tune for the life of me. This became a real problem at my first gig as it was really embarrassing playing, then realizing how out of tune it had become after a...
  10. C

    Mod a Vela

    I love the shape and feel of the Vela, but I'm not a fan of the bridge. Has anyone replaced the bridge with a PRS Patented Tremolo, Molded? I know they have a S2 VR (Vernon Reid) Vela, but I don't need the Floyd Rose trem. I may want to swap the bridge pickup with a \M/ Pickup later on. Any...
  11. Kurtis L

    Core Vela or SC Vela?

    I've been admiring the Vela shape for a while now(only admiring because financial stuffs), and I think there should be a non-chamfered American made version with the 10 top and all of the higher end goodness. I also think there should be a single cut version, solely because of this luthier...
  12. DreamTheaterRules

    Pretty cool way to spend a grand!

    You guys seen these? If I didn't owe the amp fairy some coin, I'd be tempted to join the Vela club. Hard to resist for the price...
  13. Skeeter

    Reclaimed Vela Acclaim

    So I nabbed this Reclaimed Vela off Reverb when it popped up at list price. I had been focusing so much on my 594 search that this was just an impulse buy - I had always thought the model seemed cool and the demand is so high. Now it's been a couple months and I gotta say - I love this...
  14. Skeeter

    Vela Bridge Pickup

    So I'm enjoying my Reclaimed Vela - really resonant and fun to play. However, I'm not feeling the bridge pickup as humbucker on its own. With PRS' great splitting electronics (since the advent of the resistor thing with the DGT), it sounds great split. And as a humbucker with both pickups on...
  15. Skeeter

    Surprise Incoming! Reclaimed Vela

    I just happened to be poking around Reverb and found a Reclaimed Vela being sold at list price. This happened a couple months ago and I passed on it because - while I thought it was a cool run and the Vela always seemed intriguing - I wasn't thinking of buying one, nor did I appreciate the...
  16. M

    PRS Vela - neck pickup dropping

    I recently bought a new Vela from Sweetwater. Amazing guitar but during my first couple gigs playing with it, the bass side of the neck pickup gradually starts dropping down and i have to move it back up after each set. It is damn near flush with the pickgaurd after playing a 45 minutes set...
  17. Ovibos

    Vernon Reid / Doug Wimbish rig rundowns

    Epic stuff. Mad scientists. Wizardry. Vernon talks about his PRSs and his monstrous setup. Billy Cox shows up for the bass rundown and the host basically sits back and lets them go. Watch for the end when Doug reveals the finish on his 5string.
  18. F

    Upgraded Vela Saddles to ...

    ... Mastery !! Fits like a glove...mostly. I used the intonation screws that came with the mastery bridge; it's 1 inch vs the original Vela's 1.5 inch. You can see the saddles are closer to the string latch because the screws are shorter. I didn't determine if the original Vela screws fit...
  19. n24re

    NGD: S2 Vela Satin Birds

    This is my first NGD post and hopefully a few more will come along. At the moment I am over the moon with how nice this guitar is and how much of a difference the satin makes to the playability. As a new player the satin makes the neck so easy to move around on. I bought it from James...