vela semi-hollow

  1. direwolf08

    N(2Me)GD: Vela S-H Satin

    My new-to-me ‘22 Vela arrived today! Purchased off of Reverb used for what seems to be a very fair price. I now get why so many people fall in love with Velas. This thing is a joy to play. There is just something about it, that I can’t put my finger on quite yet. It sounds unique and great...
  2. Ovibos

    Gave the Purple Vela the bling it deserved

    You may remember I acquired a rare purple Vela. Finally got around to swapping the black pick guard for pearloid, and OH MY does it pop! I also Scotch-brited the back of the neck (c'mon PRS, STOP with the gloss necks!) and strung it with 9.5s (down from 10s) for a touch more slinkiness. Plays...
  3. mwong61

    S2 Vela Mods

    Hey all, Since getting my Vela a couple months ago I've been pondering a couple of modifications that I wanted to do. Let me first emphatically state that none of these mods or upgrades are "necessary". The stock components are perfectly fine and the wiring/soldering is all top notch. I've read...
  4. B

    Vela finishes - Satin or gloss? Tone or feel/resonance difference?

    Anyone played both the semi-hollow satin finishes and the semi-hollow gloss finishes and notice any difference in how it feels/vibrates or how it sounds? I've been leaning toward the satin ones, but a gloss one caught my eye. It's a fairly big price difference between the two, however, with...
  5. ShawnF1222

    Vela Semi-Hollow - What's under the Pickguard?

    Hi Folks, I am wondering if anyone have pics of the pick up routs under the pickguard? I've been searching the internet to no avail. Curious if there is room for a 9v battery? Any know or have a photo? It's a lot easier to find info on Fender body routs. :) Thank you.
  6. ShawnF1222

    Vela S2 Semi Hollow Pick Up Ideas?

    I love the Vela semi hollow played clean, but once I add OD, it gets mushy. I was thinking that I'd prefer a solid body Vela. So before I loose my ass on selling it, I wanted to see if anyone has changed out the pick ups and if you have, what are you using? I really love the Vela and the...