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  1. T

    Mark Holcomb SVN Nut Question

    Hi everyone, thanks again for all the help a couple days ago when I posted about the MH SVN I bought. I'm definitely going to return this one and appreciate all the help. I've been thinking it over for 48 hours, and I really want a "proper one" (as one commenter put it!) BTW - this is...
  2. T

    Should I return this Mark Holcomb SVN?

    Hey everyone! I saw a great deal and jumped on it for a used Mark Holcomb SVN walnut (7 string) guitar. It was $599 from guitar center, and after shipping and tax came to about $650. However, after playing it, I have noticed some issues with it. My gut is telling me just return it and if I...
  3. O

    What is this guitar?

    I have been offered this guitar at about 3k, I have been told is the custom 24 but I don’t know more about it and its not an exact match from the one on the website. I am going to go take a look at it and I wanted to ask if you think this is a good deal and what should I look for when checking...
  4. munrodeo

    Help Identifying Used PRS... Again

    Good Morning All! I am in the market for my first PRS and have been keeping an eye on the used market for a CE24 or Custom 24. I first played my guitar instructor's PRS about 15 years ago and I figured it was finally time I picked one up. Not knowing a ton about model variations year to year...
  5. rnodern

    Famous Previous Owner

    Just wondering if anyone here has owned a guitar (PRS or otherwise) that was previously owned by a reputable or famous musician? What was it? Do you have pictures of them using it? was there any special case candy?